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Marian University Chargers

Ancilla’s Huff Has High Game

Ancilla’s Huff Has High Game

     Jackson, MI – Ancilla College's Mickayla Huff had a three-way tie for top game at the Jackson College Invitation Friday afternoon in the Michigan Community College Athletic Association. Huff, Alison Fagan and Marissa Woods, both of Jackson, each had a 212.  Fagan won the event with a 568 series as Jackson claimed the championship with a 3950 score. 

     Huff led the Lady Chargers with a 459 series, which placed her in 13th place. Sydney Anderson shot a 444 (15th), Katy Ford had a 415 series and Kasey Sangster shot 381.    

     Teams: 1. Jackson College 3940; 2. Kellogg CC 3717; 3. Muskegon CC 3626; 4. Ancilla College 1699 (did not participate in the Baker Games scoring)

     Top Series: 1. Alison Fagan (JC) 568; 2. Jazlyn Lotz (KCC) 540; 3. Kennadi Dyksta (MCC) 529; 4. Shelby Miller (JC) 527; 5. Marissa Woods (JC) 520. 

     Top Game: 1. Mickayla Huff (AC) 212; 1. Fagan (JC) 212, 1. Wood (JC) 212; 4. Fagan (JC) 208; 5. Lotz (KCC) 203.